Finders Eaters : Prime Street Cafe

Drowning in college classes and work assignments, Arshi and I have decided to put Finders Eaters on hold for a while. It’s a bittersweet thing, saying goodbye, but hopefully Finders Eaters will return with an all new season in no time at all. Here’s the last post (for now) of Finders Eaters but worry not, OhRiyally will remain alive and kicking. Stay tuned for next week’s WTLS post. For now, read on!


WTLS: OhRiyally in Singapore

Yes, you read that right, it really is WTLS time on OhRiyally! As promised, I’ve assembled a selection of pictures from my recent trip to Singapore for this week’s post. While selecting these, I realised that I have way too many pictures to possibly fit in one post so in two weeks, I’ll do another WTLS post (I know, off-schedule, made my control-freak senses tingle too) with photos from the second leg of my trip during which I visited Malaysia. Okay, enough chatter, let’s move onto the good stuff!

The next day, we did some shopping (souvenirs and such) and in the afternoon, set off to Malaysia by road. You’ll find pictures of my Malaysian vacation in the next post in two weeks’ time, which will also be a WTLS. Don’t gasp, I’m making up for lost time here. As always, views and thoughts in the comments below.

Finders Eaters: The Chocolate Room

Hello, there! Welcome back to OhRiyally. I’ve been off on vacation and hence unable to post but I’m back now, armed with photographs and stories of Singapore and Malaysia which you’ll see in next week’s WTLS post. This week, however, the Finders Eaters have a sweet delight for your palate.

Remember being young and reading/watching ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, wishing that a place like Willy Wonka’s factory actually existed and then cursing God because it didn’t? We sure do. So, it was with chocolate on our minds that we set foot in The Chocolate Room’s Satyaniketan outlet.

The Chocolate Room Finders Eaters OhRiyally

However, unlike the previous places we’ve covered, this wasn’t our discovery per se. It was suggested to us by a friend who’s already a pretty big fan of this place. Rest assured that we dragged him with us. After juggling traffic woes and parking spaces – or the lack thereof – for over 20 minutes, we were glad to escape the blazing sun and set foot into the restaurant.

The first thing that caught our eyes was the size of the place. For a name that’s well known among chocolate lovers in the city and has over 7 outlets in Delhi-NCR, it’s quite small. Considering it was lunch time, that too with a DU college right across the street, we were lucky to find a table upon entering.

The Chocolate Room Finders Eaters OhRiyally

Once seated, we were given a very colourful booklet which housed the menu of the establishment. We are not exaggerating when we say that The Chocolate Room has a plethora of delicious items to offer. They have everything from pizzas, paninos, nachos and pancakes to waffles. In drinks, they offer a wide range of frappes, mocktails and coffees (much to the delight of the resident caffeine-addict). After careful perusal, we decided on a Garden Fresh Panino, Nachos and the Melting Marshmallows Pancakes (our mouths were watering by the time we ordered). To accompany this calorie-loaded order, we picked a Caramel Frappe, a Bloody Orange Granita and a Muggaccino (that’s basically a double cappuccino because who likes a small coffee?!).

The Chocolate Room Finders Eaters OhRiyally

Our drinks arrived within 5 minutes of placing the order, and we can vouch for their taste and quantity. However, the Muggaccino could’ve been a bit stronger, but that’s only if you can handle drinking about 400 ml of strong coffee in one go. The Bloody Orange Granita was tangy and fresh, as expected. The Caramel Frappe arrived in a tall glass with the words ‘drink me’ emblazoned on it–very Alice in Wonderland and very Finders Eaters approved.

The Chocolate Room Finders Eaters OhRiyally

On the eating front, the pancakes were the first to arrive and stacked beautifully. Needless to say, we attacked them with ferocity and demolished them within a few minutes. We did take our time with finishing up the nachos and the paninos, both of which were delectable and fulfilling. The only fault we could find was with the paninos and that too only with their quantity. For its price, we felt that the quantity was half of what it should’ve been.

The Chocolate Room Finders Eaters OhRiyally

Talking about the ambience of the place, it was mainly filled with college students who wanted to grab a quick bite or just sit down and chat, though that could be solely because of the location. The whole place was buzzing with conversation but not irritatingly so. Every table had its privacy. The staff was also quick and prompt, while at the same time being courteous. As for the whole cost of the meal, we were done in about ₹ 1050, which for three wallet-conscious students seems feasible, though definitely not cheap.

The Chocolate Room Finders Eaters OhRiyally

Their waffles and chocolate shots are on our to-try list for the next time we visit. Though, we’ll probably head to another outlet such as the Baani Square, Gurgaon one, which comes highly recommended to us, especially in terms of its decor.

The Chocolate Room Finders Eaters OhRiyally

The Chocolate Room’s website will give you all the details you need about their various locations across Delhi-NCR and possibly make you salivate over the wonderful pictures of sweet things displayed. There’s also an option of seeing a 360° view of the cafes. You can check them out on Facebook, if you need more convincing (but let’s be real, you’ve already texted your foodie friend and fixed a day to visit, haven’t you?).

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this Finders Eaters post. The next post in this series will go up on Arshi’s blog in two weeks. While you wait for that, don’t forget to come back here in time for next Friday’s WTLS post featuring photos from my recent vacation in Singapore and Malaysia!

Finders Eaters: Mr. Choy

Hello! Welcome to Finders Eaters #5. I hope you’re having a great monsoon (or whatever passes for monsoon these days). Arshi and I have been busy finding eateries worth checking out and this time, we take you to a little gem we found when the craving for dim sums took over.

Finders Eaters Mr. Choy OhRiyally


Khan Market is known among Delhiites as the place to be when you’re in the search of good crowd, great food and an even better ambience. Mr. Choy, while a small establishment, does not fail in ticking off these basic requirements. Set at 75, Middle Lane in Khan Market, it’s not hard to find with its picturesque glass exterior (at which we stared for a few minutes before we stepped inside).


Since the place only has about 6-7 table settings and we went to lunch on a surprisingly busy Tuesday, we had to wait for ten minutes to be seated. As soon as we took our seats, we were handed notepads and pencils which caused us to share a dubious look (‘Do they want us to doodle while we eat?’) until we realised that those were, in fact, menus. Being the suckers that we are for creativity and quirk, you could colour us impressed.
Finders Eaters Mr. Choy OhRiyally


It took us a while to place our orders since the restaurant claimed to specialise in dim sums and accordingly had a variety of choices in the same. At last we settled on Four Seasons Vegetarian dim sums, Spicy Fried Chicken dim sums and Mr. Choy Special Vegetarian noodles. While selecting drinks, the resident caffeine addict was a bit too fast and ended up with Berry Rocks –a drink which we unanimously voted to be the best of the lot. We also ordered a Minty Chang and a Herbal Dew since this time, we roped in one of our friends to accompany us.


Finders Eaters Mr. Choy OhRiyally  Finders Eaters Mr. Choy OhRiyally

Finders Eaters Mr. Choy OhRiyally

As we waited for our order to arrive, we took the time to observe our surroundings which were quite delightful. From the strategically placed smoky mirrors on the wall, to the cage-enclosed lights which hung from the ceiling, it was a sight to behold. There was also a beautiful mural on the wall right behind us, which made for a wonderful visual whenever we looked up. On each table, was a holder with six test tubes, each filled with a different sauce to savour with your meal. Whoever thought of this idea is a genius, we decree.

DSC_0111  DSC_0107



The other patrons dining besides us were extremely polite and kept to themselves. It offered a sense of privacy which seems peculiar for a place where tables were placed pretty closed to each other. The wait staff was also very accommodating and sweet when dealing with a group of starved youngsters (that’s us!). They just nodded reassuringly when we asked them if we could take and extra menu home with us (one page of the menu notepad, of course).


After waiting for about 10-15 minutes, our order arrived, albeit in bits and pieces, which is to be expected considering the size of the order. The noodles came in a mason jar (for which we have a thing) and were served to us along with the dim sums. The food was sumptuous and light but at the same time, the portion sizes were enough to satisfy our starving stomachs. Couple that with the wonderful drinks and you’ve got a winner on your hands.


Finders Eaters Mr. Choy OhRiyally            Finders Eaters Mr. Choy OhRiyally

For dessert, we ordered a Chilled Mango Pudding whose consistency was just right–not too gooey, not too firm. In total, the lunch set us back by around 2000 rupees, which is a bit steep for us unemployed college students but it was worth every penny. Along with the bill came three fortune cookies for each of us and while some were satisfied with theirs, others were confounded (hint–it’s the coffee addict).


All in all, it was a nice culinary outing and absolutely deserving of the Finders Eaters stamp of approval. We heartily recommend this place to anyone who craves the taste of Hong Kong cuisine.

Finders Eaters Mr. Choy OhRiyally Finders Eaters Mr. Choy OhRiyally

I hope you enjoyed reading that! Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this post and Finders Eaters in general. The next post will go up on Arshi’s blog so don’t forget to follow her. Until next time, stay hungry!

Going Places, Literally

The inspiration for this post was a bit unexpected, I’ll admit. I was travelling to college one day and while I did manage to grab a seat in the Metro, let’s just say that it was not the most comfortable situation (Metro regulars know what I’m talking about–8 people sitting on six seats, mm-hmm). What is one to do in when put in such a fix? I couldn’t read a book because there was not enough space for me to hold it up without elbowing a few people. So I took to people-watching which is something I do on a regular basis–not in a creepy way, but in an artistic, I-Like-Studying-Humans kind of way.

After 15 minutes of rolling my eyes at people taking selfies inside the coach (just why?), I saw three women walk in and sit down right opposite me. I would have felt bad about listening in to their conversation if it wasn’t so captivating (also, unless you clamp your hands over your ears, it is really difficult to not eavesdrop in a crowded metro coach). They talked of the sights of Rome, Santorini, London, Istanbul, New York… you get the drift.

OhRiyally Going Places

One of the women told her companions the story of how her family surprised her with a skiing vacation in the Swiss Alps on her previous birthday. The other talked about the month she spent in Florida and how she wanted to set up camp inside Disney World. The third woman described the joys of scuba diving which she discovered during her recent trip to Bali. The visuals that my mind conjured while they spoke were beautiful enough that I wanted to close my eyes and just soak it all in.

If you’re imagining me sitting there, smiling serenely at three young women whose life experiences were worth envying, well, you’re correct but only partly. I most definitely was smiling at the women sitting across from me but they were all sexagenarians. I say this not because I’m judgmental or rude but the fact that people in their sixties could enjoy travelling as much as I do made me realise that wanderlust was not just for the young.

OhRiyally Going Places

The skiing vacation I mentioned above? That was for her 60th birthday. On a bright summer morning in a crowded Metro coach, I found my new idols–three women in their sixties who loved to soak in the sights and sounds of the world. I’m the kind of person who is always up for travelling. I love the sense of exhilaration that accompanies packing a bag and leaving everyday life behind.

I looked at them with equal parts envy and admiration. A life filled with exploration and discovery–that’s the kind of life I want for myself. For a socially awkward hermit like myself, it’s hard to believe that my ultimate dream is to wake up in a different city every month. But it is, and I hope that one day, it comes true. I feel like every new place I visit becomes a part of me and I want to keep collecting memories (also, brochures) till I’m an amalgamation of experiences from all over the world.

OhRiyally Going Places

While there’s much I’ve yet to see, I do hope that by the time I’m sixty, I have as many memories to recall and stories to tell as the trio in the Metro.

Thanks to my friend Puneet who let me scrounge through the massive archive of photographs from his travels so that I could pepper them throughout this post. His travel footprints definitely resemble the Trio’s more than mine do.